Top 15 Art Startups in India

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. If you are such an artist or wants to live your dream again then  follow this startups. Who knows, your might get a head start.


PosterGully is a fast growing online platform powered by thousands of artists and designers. It enables them, through automated self serving technology, to contribute and merchandise unique designs for products such as mobile accessories, home décor, furnishings, clothing, stationery, bags etc to consumers in India and globally. It is exclusively online having millions of visitors & access to thousands of exclusive artwork. High performance team owned partly by a TV celebrity. Raised over $200K from well-known angel investors in June 2015.


Oregano Art

Oregano is an online platform which provides best artworks using our technologies of the original paintings and Drawing in full color on natural canvas. We have unique wall decoration solution from living room to bedroom and home, office, hotel.



Zobna. is the first of its kind specialty retailer of high-quality wall art and complementary decor in India. The company was founded with one goal – to help people discover, create and connect with awesome stuff that enriches life.

Taking Digital Photography to a whole new level.

We believe art is dynamic, personal and connected to the now, and the experience of buying and living with it should be too.



Colorvan is a platform where creative freelancers and indie businesses can showcase their work with pictures and videos, and create their listing page with ease and simplicity. Helps local businesses expand their reach across the country.


Maiya Publishing

Maiya Publishing offers services to authors who are looking for the right association to publish their exclusive work. Once the manuscript has been handed over to us, we assist in finding editors, photographers, designers, printers etc, based on the author’s preferences. We generate an ISBN number and facilitate online sales transactions on our website. We co-ordinate tie-ups with and for the sale of books. Additional services include the hosting of books on the Publisher’s website. We also organize book launches on request.

Website: is a community of Artists and Designers where they can showcase their work on comprehensive portfolios, allow businesses to get in touch with them for jobs and freelance projects and sell their work on merchandise.



PrintOctopus is an online custom product marketplace providing artists a platform to showcase their artwork and monetise it through print on demand merchandise. We are hoping to create a healthy community to help the artists get social recognition and growth.


Talent Flush

Talent Flush is a worldwide stage which welcomes all sorts of talents, artistic works and creativity. It provides budding artists with a stage to showcase their work, get appreciation from global audience both online and offline and life changing opportunities to grow via Music Videos, Book Publishing, Art Exhibitions, Live Music Events, Poetry Events etc.


AWN Studio

AWN Studio (Art n What Not), was established as a gallery for home décor which showcased the creations of our founder, Shalu Juneja. With a vision to empower the art industry in India, AWN Studio entered the field of Art Education which now forms the core of the organisation.

We offer courses in Foundation Design, Foudation Fine Arts, Ceramic and Clay, Stained Glass and Staining,Wood Ornamentation and entrance coaching for NID, NIFT and NATA. Our services also include Art Counselling and Portfolio Review.

Website: was founded by collectors,artists and important gallery owners to provide an equal opportunity platform for all artists, so that their dreams can live on. People can buy reasonably priced art without fat commissions and artists can price transparently in addition to being paid on time.



Artmarq App bringing data-driven decision making to the $57 Billion a year art industry. It is made to track, analyse and broadcast every single deal in Art Business. Artmarq App can help users navigate the complex art market otherwise dubbed as ‘Exclusive’, ’Opaque’ and ‘Intimidating’ at a competitive price and on Mobile.



Kultureshop is India’s fastest growing platform for Artists to sell curated work on different mediums. It is the most visited site for buying affordable Indian art. Our growing list of artists and products attracts customers from India and across the globe. A great place to work in the heart of Mumbai’s best suburb, Bandra.

We make affordable art and lifestyle products, bringing India’s finest artists and designers on our platform. From limited edition prints, framed art, tshirts, stationery, phone covers and a growing list of lifestyle products.


Twine Tree

Twine Tree is an indian market place to crowdsource designs and monetize them through eCommerce. We are working towards building an interactive illustration community through technology and bringing out great designs on products. We sell art prints, canvas prints and T shirts currently with amazing printed artwork.



Cupick is a place for people to engage with and consume art. It is a platform for visually creative people – painters, illustrators, graphic artists, photographers – to exhibit and monetize their work by selling them as art prints, canvas prints, posters, greeting cards, t-shirts, mugs and other beautiful products.



TouchTalent is a global community of creative people. Today, creative users from 192 countries share their creativity (art) under 19 different categories on Touchtalent. These categories include Painting, Photography, Sketching, Design, 3D Art, Music, Comics, and Sculpting etc. is the largest creative community based out of Indian Sub-Continent, expanding fast in South East Asia, US and Europe.The company was incorporated by Ankit Prasad and Mohd Wassem in April 2012.


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