How to Raise Capital for your Startup

Any startup whether big or small requires a lot of brains, efforts and yes quite a lot of money. Money plays a very important role in building your startup, but what’s difficult is raising this capital. Raising capital can be argued to be a fundamental act of any organisation more so for any startups. Often the 

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Top 7 On Demand Beauty Service Startups In India

Have you often found yourself wondering when you will get that elusive ‘me-time?’ Do you usually find yourself struggling to force salon visits into your already crazy schedule? Well, now you needn’t worry! Just sit back, and relax and let this beauty startups come knock at your door! Vanity Cube VanityCube is a professional on-demand beauty and 

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Mallika Sharma and her Story..!!

Interview with Mallika Founder of  The Leather Laundry ” There is just a simple concept that motivates me, and that is relentless hard work with complete involvement. When you do anything with complete involvement, it has to bear fruitful results, be it a unique idea or an already tried and tested concept! Anything planned and executed 

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