Disadvantages of joining a Startup

The world these days is flooded with thousands of new age startups, with more and more individuals getting inclined towards it. This new culture of startups definitely has something magnetising about it, causing more and more people to fall under its trap. However having a career at a startup isn’t as enchanting as it sounds. Being a part of any startup could be real fun but along with it comes several disadvantages mentioned below:

1. Lower job security:

Working with an established firm generally comes along with a guarantee of the security of your job. The startup company at which you are working could prove to be a hit as well as it could end up into a complete failure. Therefore there is really no guarantee that working in a startup would not leave you jobless!

2. More work, more stress:

A startup usually has lesser number of employees and more amount of work.They have rigid deadlines causing there employees to really work hard. So get ready to work for longer hours and learn to deal with stress. There won’t be anything like 9 to 5 but work, work and yes more work!

3. Unstructured environment:

The working style at a startup is in great contrast from that in any established firm. There could be lack of discipline and procedures. If the startup is in its initial stages, then chances are that you might not even have a proper workspace.

4. There’s no place to hide:

In any established company, work is usually distributed over a larger number of people and its quite easy for non- performers to hide behind the work done by others. In Startups, where teams are small and even a single person’s work not being delivered makes an adverse impact. If you like to take things a bit easy in delivering your work, then startups won’t work for you.

5. Lesser money:

Surely a successful startup could lead you to bigger amounts of capital, but initially the money offered by startups is quite low as compared to what is expected in the corporate world.. Also there isn’t any guarantee that it would increase in the future. Startup employees often experience delays in receiving their salary.

6. Lack of resources:

Since cash flow is tight, you probably won’t have the luxury of having all the latest gadgets – from hardware to software, manufacturing machinery to office equipment or support staff to cleaning supplies. Instead of buying new, you end up patching up the old.

7. Multitasking:

Since startups have limited resources and employees, you are expected to work on more than one project at a time. You will be called upon to “wear many hats.” This can be very frustrating and nerve-wracking.


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    it depends on the person who is starting up

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