How to Raise Capital for your Startup

Any startup whether big or small requires a lot of brains, efforts and yes quite a lot of money. Money plays a very important role in building your startup, but what’s difficult is raising this capital. Raising capital can be argued to be a fundamental act of any organisation more so for any startups. Often the 

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5 ‘must-haves’ for your first business card

In today’s fast paced world where tools like linkedin exists, business cards still manage to keep their place intact. This is because nothing has yet matched the power and simplicity of handing over a well-designed card. Well it basically starts a conversation. For any founder to get his first card printed is some kind of a 

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What is PM Startup Scheme

#Startupindia is the new trend in the world of startups, thanks to our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. On the January 16, 2016 the Prime Minister launched the Action Plan to facilitate startups in India, announcing a string of concessions and programs to encourage fledgling enterprises. Here is what the Startup Scheme has to offer 

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Seed funds and Angel investors in India

Seed Funding: A startup may require several rounds of financing before it can generate sufficient cash flow from sales to finance operations. The amounts and sources for each round vary by company and industry. The earliest funding rounds are seed and early-stage funding. So Seed capital is the funding required to get a new business started. 

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