Top 7 On Demand Beauty Service Startups In India

Have you often found yourself wondering when you will get that elusive ‘me-time?’ Do you usually find yourself struggling to force salon visits into your already crazy schedule? Well, now you needn’t worry! Just sit back, and relax and let this beauty startups come knock at your door! Vanity Cube VanityCube is a professional on-demand beauty and 

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Top 9 Pet Focussed Startups In India

Startups are not only focusing on human needs but also they have shifted their focus towards the comfort of your pets as well. These pet focused startups are really changing the life of your pets, want to know how? Then check out these really cool startups Vivaldis Health Care Products for pets VIVALDIS Health and 

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Top 7 Broker Free Home Rental Startups

What you would do if you have to look a house for rent? Probably you would search your nearby location, ask friend or family, look into classifieds or probably contact a broker. Isn’t it hectic for you? If you are facing all these issues and want a solution for it then go through these listed 

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