5 Reasons Why You Should Join Team Iron Man

Superhero flicks always create a unique buzz amongst the audiences, from the time of their release to a long time after they leave the theaters. One such blockbuster was the Captain America: Civil War which came to the screens this may. The film’s influential source material, coupled with its all-star cast and crew, made it an explosive hit. There’s no doubt that this movie was a whole lot of fun, but in a scenario of heroes versus heroes there’s always going to be one question: whose side are you on? Well, if you’re on the side of the Armored Avenger, Iron Man, then this is the list for you. So let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should join Team Iron Man:

1. He has the coolest Technology!

Everyone knows the fact that Tony stark owns all the cool toys. After all, he was the man who designed the entire Avengers Tower, a ton of the Avenger’s gadgets. And beyond allthis is his super awesome Iron Man suit. Team Iron Man definitely has the high ground in cutting-edge technology and with the backing of the U.S. government on their side they probably also have some S.H.I.E.L.D. tech at their disposal. While Captain America’s team does have some impressive stuff (like the Falcon’s wings and the Ant-Man suit), they’re just not quite as cool as a suit of armor that turns you into a one-man army.



2. They have all the Best Superheroes!

Iron man himself was enough to rule however, he has all the “super” superheroes backing up with him. They make the perfect team for battle. Besides Iron Man himself, they’ve got War Machine, Black Widow, Vision, and not to mention your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and less-than-friendly Black Panther! This team has got a super-spy, an advanced android, and the king of an entire nation! We definitely have enough other reason to support Iron Man.

3. He learns from his mistakes!

It has been rightly said- “With great powers comes great responsibilities”. And this is something that Tony Stark has learned much quicker than his colleague, Captain America has. Everything about Tony’s journey through the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been about him learning from his mistakes. And he has been constantly growing and becoming accountable and responsible. Who won’t support someone who knows and manages his powers well?

 4. Even the Government supports him!

Iron Man is teaming up with the government in this flick. This means that Mr. Stark has some people of power in his corner. This is certainly a great advantage, as he not only gets all the necessary tools but also gets the soldiers to compliment his powers!

5. Iron Man has it all!

Well, lets be honest Team Iron Man is the best in all the sense. If we talk about leadership, then Tony Stark is simply the greatest choice to lead any battle. We talk about intellect, then this guy is the smartest of all the minds on the planet. We talk about strength, then he is certainly capable of taking out armies by himself. He has saved the world on several occasions. Captain America may be a living legend, but Iron Man is genius who can probably formulate a hundred strategies to take him down. All and all, you should join Team Iron Man because Iron Man is just awesome!

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