What is it like to be an Indian living in the USA?

30 July 2023
What is it like to be an Indian living in the USA?

Embracing the Cultural Blend

As a man of Indian ethnicity, seeing my reflection in the mirror, the warm skin tone borrowed from the Indian sun, eyes that carry the story of my Indian lineage, I always feel I carry a piece of my homeland with me. However, living in Melbourne and having experienced the buzz of the USA, it's like being tossed into a cultural blender. You are simultaneously an ambassador of your own culture and a student of the new land.

The first thing that hit me when I set foot in the USA was the beautiful mix of cultures and races. Diversity, oh, the diversity! It's like the entire world decided to squeeze onto a single landmass. You see, India, while diverse, is still predominantly Indian. You then land in, say, New York, and all of a sudden you're hearing languages you can't place, and seeing faces, you can't trace back to a map. It's a hodgepodge of beautiful human variety and you can't help but be drawn into its charm.

Navigating this cultural diversity is half the fun, half the challenge too for an Indian living in the USA. You're learning to appreciate the tastes, sounds, and aesthetics of different nationalities, while also teaching folks about your beloved biryanis and Bollywood. What I adore about the USA is this openness to learning and integrating new cultures. I feel like my Indian identity is celebrated, not suppressed or looked down upon.

The Great American Dream and Battling Stereotypes

Let's address the elephant in the room, which is the whole concept of the American Dream. We've all grown up hearing about it, the land of infinite possibilities where anyone can achieve their dreams. There's a degree of truth to this and it might be why Indians, like me, continue to flock to America. Opportunities in the field of technology, research, and entrepreneurship are indeed plentiful in the USA. However, the road to the American dream is not without its bumps and turns.

The USA is not an easy country to get into, and as an Indian, the challenge does increase. Legal procedures can be tedious and the wait agonizing. The conversation around immigration policies is also something Indians in the USA have to constantly navigate. It can indeed be a source of stress, always having to justify your place in the country. But it's a part of the whole immigrant experience, isn't it?

Now, stereotypes. They exist and can be hilarious as much as they can be irritating. From being seen as a walking-talking human calculator or being questioned about elephants on our streets - We deal with them all. In my journey, I've noticed that often these "harmless" stereotypes can spill into something more problematic, forming biases that can affect opportunities and relationships. The key, I've found, is to have a sense of humor, patience, and the ability to hold respectful dialogues to debunk these stereotypes.

Heartfelt Connections and the Indian Community

Connections, be it friendships, community alliances, or professional networks, are a crucial part of the Indian living experience in the USA. Both countries value human connections and personal relationships to a great extent. An interesting point I've noticed is the deep appreciation for heart-to-heart conversations — whether you're sharing a laugh with mates at a bar in Melbourne or seated with a group of strangers at a diner in New York.

But what has really been a heartwarming facet of this life, has been the presence of a thriving Indian community. There's something incredibly comforting about being in a foreign land and still getting to celebrate Diwali, Holi, and Eid. There are Indian grocery stores, temples, Gurudwaras, Indian restaurants serving home-style food, and recreational clubs where you can tune into the cricket match frenzy. It's like having a piece of home with you, and it makes the cultural adaptation much easier.

Tips for Navigating the Good Old USA as an Indian

Based on my own experiences and observations, here are a few tips I believe will help fellow Indians in the USA. Remember, these aren't rules, just little nuggets of wisdom.

  • Don’t abbreviate words when you speak. It often leads to confusion. 'Veggie' might be okay but don’t reduce 'tomato' to 'toma'. They won't have a clue!

  • Learning to drive is crucial. Public transport is not often reliable in the States and having a driving license significantly aids in freedom and mobility.

  • Get health insurance. Medical care is expensive in the USA, and it's important to be prepared for any health emergencies.

  • Learn to cook. Food is where most of us feel the most homesick. Most Indian dishes are easy to prepare and it saves you from spending a heap on Indian restaurants.

  • Keep an open mind. The USA is a cultural melting pot, and being receptive to new cultures greatly enhances the living experience.

In conclusion, the experience of being an Indian living in the USA is a mix of day-to-day challenges, bittersweet nostalgia, immense learning, and a lot of fun. At the end of the day, it is a journey that transforms you, stretches your horizons, and enriches you with experiences that you cherish for a lifetime.